The Journey Begins

Here be dragons, knights, the Brontes, and a female highwayman!

With one tuchis you can’t dance at two weddings. — old Yiddish proverb

So nu, peeps?

Happy to announce I’ve just completed the FINAL (ha!) draft of my new novel, A Woman of the Road. Beta reader extraordinare R.E. Carr, fellow Kindle Scout winner for her Rules Undying 100-book series, is currently hiding under her desk. But have no fear: she will be found, my friends!

What else? You may have heard that Kindle Scout is no more: RIP, beloved program!

I am practicing my English B.A. skills by tutoring English, Reading, & Writing to prep our soldiers of the future for the looming ACT. I myself scored in ther 98th percentile, AND I EXPECT NOTHING LESS FROM MY PROTEGES! :>

This year has been interesting: I was laid off from Microsoft and freed from SQL but also from a regular paycheck.  On the upside, this has freed me to be a fulltime writer (for awhile). Book 2 of my Honest Thieves series shall commence shortly!

Try to navigate this world without screaming. That’s my current mantra.







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